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"Black Child Who Are You" Episode 2 By Paul Gordon

As Jason, the class clown enjoys his first day listening to the principal discuss his inappropriate behavior in class. Mrs. Thomas regains

control of the classroom and continues with the student introductions. When Mrs. Thomas began her lesson, Michael felt his attention span drifting, slowly moving to that quiet place he retreats to in his mind when he wants to be alone with his thoughts.

He could hear the Suttle scratching of pencil to paper from the other students fade away like the sound of an echo disappearing as it travels to its destination. For the life of him, Michael just couldn't get out of his head not knowing where his grandparents were from or, any of his ancestors for that matter.

(Bell Rings) Dinggggdinggggg DING DING!!! Okay class is over. The bell rings and the class disperse like roaches when you turn the lights on. Oh Michael, Mrs. Jones says, Report to the principal's office. Sure Mrs. Jones. As he enters the office, he's surprised to see the class clown Jason was also in the office. Hello Michael, I want to talk to both of you about the incident that happened in class this morning.

Jason what you said was racist and inappropriate and never should be said to a person of color. I'm not racist Jason says proudly. Well Jason you might not be racist, but we have zero tolerance for hateful language in this school and it will not be allowed, do you understand? Jason smirks looking away purposely, not looking Principal Jones in the eyes, totally disregarding what he had just said to him. Well, this is not the way I wanted to start the school year off, but I will be asking both of your parents to meet with me in this office tomorrow morning.

You will not be allowed to attend class until then. This is Bulls%!!. It was a joke, him and his friends say the "N" word all the time and I get in trouble just because the little monkey over here had his feelings hurt. THATS ENOUGH YOUNG MAN!

Michael stood up in anger, his fists clinched so tight his knuckles cracked as he prepared to force-feed Jason a fist burger with cheese. Go home Jason and don't return until you have your parents with you in the morning. As Jason Leaves the office he slams the door still in defiance, but Mr. Jones Maintains his composure.

After the class ass-hole leaves, the principal apologized again to Michael as he calls Michael's mom to explain to her what happened and to schedule the meeting with her the next day.

When Michael made it home his mom was sitting on the couch furious about how her son was treated at school that day. Suddenly

Michael looks up and says Mom. Where are Granddaddy and grams from? Well, your grandma and Grandpa are from Mississippi. WHAT! Mississippi Plantation? Hell No Boy, where did you get that from? That's what Jason said about grandma and grandpa when we were doing introductions. Michael's mom places her delicate fingers on the side of her son's face, looks at him in the eye and speaks. Michael baby, how did it make you feel when he said that? Being honest Mom I wanted to punch him in

the head, but I Knew that even though I would have been in the right to give him the spanking his daddy never gave him, I would have been blamed for starting the fight. but you know what Mom? It didn't bother me that he said the racist remarks, I've dealt with that all of my young life, but what bothered me is why I didn't know about our family history or the history of my ancestors generally. Our history class just teaches us about history as if black people had no part in building the America, we call our Home. Son no one is born racist. Racism is taught by the parents, its taught in the very history that you learn in class. Racism is the seed that does not require any water to

grow. It feeds off of the ignorance of those that thirst for division. It feeds off of the people that rejoice in the suffering of others only to give the illusion that we exist only to serve them.

The truth son, can never be totally dependent on the

one telling the lie. So, if racism shows its ugly face anywhere, you have to have the courage to stand for what's right and thats what we are

going to do when we go to the principals office in the morning. The next morning, we should have taken as a sign of what was to come because as soon as we headed out to the school the next morning, it was raining like cats and dogs. Fifteen minutes before 9am, we made it early despite the terrible weather that morning.

As we walked through the doorway to the school and up the hallway, Jason's parents were sitting there ironically with their Red MAGA hats on with disgust on their face.

When me and my mom walked in and sat down waiting on the principal to show. Extending an olive branch my mom looks at Jason's Mom and says Hello and IMMEDIATELY The dad verbally lets of like a machine gun..."What kind of person raises a son to hate this Country". Excuse me? Michaels Mom said as the words he just said to her registered in her brain. Michaels Mom had a look in her eyes as if a Lioness protecting her cubs from Hyenas. Right Before the Lioness Attacks, Principal Jones walks in......YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT...(Stay tuned for the Next Episode)

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