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If you are reading this right now you have found the site where you can get some of the best-Produced Music and Some of the Best Products in the Market today and guess what? In Most Cases, You get it at a better price. 


Our Goal as a company is to provide INDIVIDUAL ARTIST, SONGWRITERS, AND MUSICIANS, GRAPHIC ARTIST, PAINTERS AND those of you that have a special gift that needs to be enhanced and developed. We specialize in Production, Visual Art, and Marketing. We have a platform where you can get Original music, produced, mixed, and in Song mode. If you subscribe to our site for only a small amount of $4.99 a Month. You will have access to the entire library of music including genres in Pop, R&B, HIPHOP, and Dance that is updated every single week with new music.

If you are an artist and wish to have a particular Track exclusively and would like the wave files for a particular track. There is only a small processing Fee and the track will be immediately taken off of the music library. The only requirement of our Company is that the Producers Credit Goes To "Bizzyboymusik

Our Company’s Goal is to first and foremost give a platform to recording artists, singers, and creative minds in all forms and fashions to be able to call this place home.  We value our customers by giving our best in our music. 

Our Best is giving you great customer service, a quick checkout process, and a wonderful musical experience. 

Our producers have worked with many Artists, professionally in the business as well as worked with other wonderful musicians hoping to get in the business as well.  The one thing that will always remain constant is our dedication to our Finish Product.

Our company is dedicated to educating our communities on the benefits of having music as a part of the educational process that includes all people of all backgrounds and nationalities and our company will never discriminate against anyone based on their race, creed, religion, or belief systems.

Our Company provides all services in Music Production/film & Movie Background/Creative Marketing Ads/Voice Overs. All our subscribers monthly or yearly can enjoy unlimited downloads of great instrumentals for your listening pleasure in various categories.  For your Businesses out there, we have Special packages for all types of businesses to broaden your customer base and advertise on our Site.  

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