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The Founder of Bizzyboymusik is no stranger to creating something out of nothing. Paul Gordon started out working as an engineer for some of the biggest names in the Chicago area. 


He started making music with an 8-track and from there, it would be a love affair that would last him a lifetime.  He ended up in the Military and during that time he was featured in Work with Spike Lee. 


He earned a degree in Marketing and started his own music production and creative marketing business.

He organized a team of talented producers that has a gift for delivering the hottest music on the market.  His goal was to help independent artists and talented musicians have the resources they needed to reach the level of success that some mostly dream about.


He has worked with Soulja Boy, Jasmine Sullivan, Jerimiah to name a few.  I'm sure we will be hearing a lot from Mr. Gordon a.k.a Bizzyboy.

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