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"Black Child Who Are You" By Paul Gordon

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Class Settle down, we are about to begin class, Cmon now settle down. As Mrs. Thomas gazes across the classroom, she gently smiles in joy as she gets a glimpse of her future success stories as they gaze back at her in excitement and awe. It's the first day of school so she asks each student to stand up and say their name and where they are from, since it being the first day of history class, Mrs. Thomas thought it would be a

great way to kick off the first day.

Tommy Where are you from? Tommy stands and says, my mom and dad are from Virginia, but my grandparents are from Greece. Jennifer, with her hand stretched high to the ceiling, me me me.... Mrs. Thomas gently smiles again and says where are you from Jennifer? Well, my family is from Dubuque, but my daddy says we are desenits:?%% Thats Descendents Jennifer, well descendants of Christopher Columbus who discovered America.

The Native American kid smirked and said, "My Ancestors were here way before Him". Jennifer heard the remark and said why would my dad tell me that if it wasn't true. The Native American kid said. Because History Books does not tell the whole truth. Now Wait a Minute Guys. Listen. First of All, Mrs. Thomas Bangs her ruler on the desk. SLAM!!! and says I am the teacher, and this school provides the best education your parents can buy so you should have a little more respect for the the American Culture.

She quickly moves on to the next kid and says Michael. Where are you and your family from? Michael stands up slow in hesitation and says my mom and me are from Michigan, we just moved here a couple of Months ago. Mrs. Thomas replied great! and asked where are your grandparents from? Michael paused for a moment....

Hunh, Jason, the self-appointed class clown shouts out Mississippi Plantation and the Class Roars with laughter. But Michael was the only one not laughing. As the laughter fades away slowly, he could see Ms. Thomas trying to stop the class from making a very inappropriate stereotype, but in her eyes asked him the question? did Mrs. Thomas believe that too? Finally, Mrs. Thomas Sent the Class Clown out of the classroom but Michael, felt something he never felt before. For the first time, it bothered him deeply that he did not know where His ancestors came from. The Bigger question is Why?......READ WHAT HAPPENS

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