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AcoustiBass Bluetooth Speaker With Reverb Sound Card Live Recording
  • AcoustiBass Bluetooth Speaker With Reverb Sound Card Live Recording

    Brand Name: Coolmusic
    Origin: Mainland China
    Type: Amplifier
    Model Number: BP40
    Application: Acoustic guitar, Vocal and Acoustic instruments
    Power: 40W
    Speaker: coaxial speaker, 8'woofer and 2' piezo tweeter
    Lithium battery: 6-10 hour
    Input: 3-input, 2 for instruments and 1 for mic
    Bluetooth Speaker: YES
    MP3 player: YES
    Recording: YES
    Headphone: YES
    Microphone: YES
    D.I output: YES
    Warranty: One year warranty, free replacement parts
    Power amplifier for guitar: Yes
    Function: subwoofer amplifier
    voice amplifier: Yes
    Rechargeable: Yes
    Application 1: synthesizer keyboard
    Size: Big speaker
    Application 2: outdoor speaker
    Function 1: woofer speaker
    Function 2: vocal processors
    Application 3: saxophone,sax
    Feature 1: portable speaker
    Application 4: music amplifier
    Application 5: guitar amp
    Subwoofer speaker: Yes
    Function 3: audio speaker
    Function 4: speaker box
    Function 5: speaker amplifier
    Application 6: amplifier for acoustic guitar
    Function 6: audio amplifier
    Function 7: guitar multi effects
    Application 7: musical instrument
    Function 8: recording studio equipment
    SKU: 2251832768966511
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